Tuulaa is my passion baby; my passion and love for creativity, art, heritage, fabrics and colours drove me to start my label called TUULAA. Tuulaa means “balance” in sanskrit and denotes “divine balance of healing colours”.

I started Tuulaa in 2007 as a very high end, personalised boutique that caters to our prestigious clients on one on one basis. I provide them with guidance in colours, attires, designs and styles that will suit their skin tones and body shapes. This personalised service actually changed lives. It gave me such satisfaction to hear from my clients, when they get admiring , appreciating comments and looks when they wore tuulaa and walked into crowds or parties.

Tuulaa truly stands out and our collections are very unique and one of the kind  made in pure silks, cottons, viscose and much more natural fibres, we do hold few fancy sarees too for those type of buyers who like them. Most often we promote hand weaves and hand embroidery to support our weavers and hand artisans in India. These heritage arts are to be maintained and only by promoting, selling and wearing these can we truly support our struggling weavers and artisans.

Though we have had chain stores for western wear labels that I designed during 2014-2016, we have then cut down those operations to switch to a different model for those products. However, for Tuulaa, our customers always preferred my sole focus and advice with a personalised shopping experience, and so we continued Tuulaa to be a private boutique always.

I have a special flair for colours and styles to suit personalities and body types. I consider having a unique skill in this matter for advising on attires, shapes, styles and colours to suit any skin color and body type.

Since my life’s journey has been a very challenging one and have a lot to offer to this world, my clients love to interact with me and our talks takes them to a different level of experience while spending time with me to buy Tuulaa’s products in my studio.

My deep passion for hand weaves and hand crafted fabrics/ garments, I work closely with Artisans and Weavers in India and strongly promotes hand art, hand prints and hand weaves. Hence, supporting weavers & artisans communities from remote villages in India.

 My hand weavers in West Bengal, Bagalpur, MP, Andhra and many more places showcasing tuzzer silks, upada silks, bagalpuri silk, mutka silks, chanderi and lot more.

Hand prints and hand painted fabrics from Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, Andhra showcasing, ajrak, shibori, hand block prints, kalamkari and much more. Hand embroidery like Aari work, Pitta work, beads and sequence work etc from various parts of India are also being showcased in my range.

Handmade exotic jewellery range is also a part of my range, hand made in West Bengal, using precious and semi-precious stones from Rajasthan.

Tuulaa’s range is a wide array of gorgeous drapes as in sarees, stoles, shawls and scarfs. Trendy collection of garments like salwars, lehengas, bridal wear, evening wear both Indian high-end styles as well as western evening gowns.

Ethnic Bridal collections are customised to the bride to fit her style and sizing including bridal team’s costumes and are on order only. Tuulaa’s collection always excels with latest fashion and trends.

We also cater to a whole bridal team if they need a theme/ colour based range designed and sourced for them for a whole team of bride, groom, bridal parties and brides maids etc. So we work closely with what ever suits our clients needs.

We also have a network of amazing make up artists and wedding planners cum wedding décor experts. If our clients need that help, we do provide that as well.